HEY THERE, new friend.

I'm Marielle—Founder of Anima Creations, who deeply believes that when passion and purpose meets strategy and skill, dreams become reality. 

The story behind Anima Creations, LLC.

In 2021, I graduated from New York University with my Master of Arts in International Relations and Affairs. I had been working as a part-time freelance writer until I finished school. With an undergraduate degree in Journalism and work experiences at big names, like Cosmopolitan, CNBC and more, I felt the pressure to quickly find a job and “figure it out.” 

As the job search and existential crises forged forward, I told myself I would continue to freelance…only until I found a full-time job. 

Only it’s years later and here we are! I have been too passionate and driven working with my many clients and partnerships. This work feeds my soul, while keeping me hungry to help more people, like you. 

Anima Creations specializes in multimedia production (Think: podcast and video), editorial services (hello, copy and magazine writing), and overall brand strategy. 

The name was intentionally chosen: “Anima” means Soul in Italian, and was also coined by psychologist, Carl Jung as the parts of your psyche — or spirit — that connect with the deepest, most subconscious aspects of the mind. I want to uncover and show the true essence of your business. 

Intentional creative strategy remain at the forefront of all offered services.

Never without

Apple watch (there are deadlines to be met!)

favorite TRAVEL memory

Visiting women's rights organizations in Morocco

probably listening to

Almost 30 podcast
(shameless client plug)

What i'm ordering for the table

Burrata, babbbby! 

My big three

Pisces sun + moon with Taurus rising :)