Creating soulful solutions.

Mindful multimedia production that seamlessly blends storytelling and strategy. 

Anima Creations serves as a vessel for your business to be fully seen and known. 

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Why work With Anima Creations?

A•NI•MA means "Soul" or the parts of your psyche that connect with the deepest, most subconscious aspects of the mind. The work produced by Anima Creations honors the unique essence and heart of your business, using various intuitive and creative modalities to bring your vision and voice to life. 

Our promise to you...

Anima Creations recognizes that your business can be a conduit for greater change in the world. We honor this and hold your vision closely to our hearts in order to see it through.

We are committed to producing intentional deliverables and vow to be attentive to your specific, unique needs. A "one size fits all," copy and paste approach is a big no no here. 

Together, we'll ideate and develop your goals. All packages include two revision rounds and live review calls.


I'm Marielle, Founder of Anima Creations!

If you're new here, welcome! My greatest hope is that together we can return to and cultivate the inherent wisdom that we each hold, developing a unique strategy that brings your vision and business goals to life, so you're best equipped to inspire, serve and support the greater good.